Arrow: Season 2 Posters Go Shirtless Arrow: Season 2 Posters Go Shirtless
Arrow's Season 2 promotional pictures feature shirtless photos of Stephen Amell, Colton Haynes, David Ramsey, and Manu Bennett Arrow: Season 2 Posters Go Shirtless

ARR_S2_David_sThe CW is putting their best chests forward to promote the second season of Arrow, which premieres on October 9.

To promote the new season, they have created four shirtless Arrow Season 2 posters… one with Stephen Amell (Oliver), another with David Ramsey (Diggle), another with Manu Bennett (Slade), and finally, one with Colton Haynes (Roy).

Alas, a Paul Blackthorne poster doesn’t seem to have surfaced yet, but there is one coming… right, CW?

Here are the new posters, so we can all feel inadequate together:


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