Arrow Producers Preview Season 6 In New Video Arrow Producers Preview Season 6 In New Video
The producers of Arrow preview the villains that the team will face in a new video promoting Season 6. Arrow Producers Preview Season 6 In New Video

Arrow Executive Producers Marc Guggenheim and Wendy Mericle spoke with Tiffany Smith of DC All Access in a short promo that ran during last night’s Vixen event on The CW, and in their appearance, they talked about what kind of villains Team Arrow will face in Season 6.

“We’re going to see a group of them, for sure,” Mericle said in the video. “There’s going to be a team of villains this season, but one of the biggest ones that we’re going to see, and we’ll see her from the beginning, is Black Siren, and we’re very excited to have Katie [Cassidy] back on the show, and it’s a great villain, because it really speaks to the emotional state of everybody on the show, particularly with respect to Oliver. This is an old friend of his, coming back to do some evil, so it’s going to have some resonance,” she promised.

Smith also asked the producers about family.

“In terms of family, I would say Oliver has reconnected with his son, so Oliver will be exploring fatherhood in Season 6,” Mericle said. Beyond that, we will have to watch and see what happens regarding Oliver’s family.

Arrow Season 6 premieres Thursday, October 12 on The CW. Find some spoilers here!


Bonus: There’s also not a lot of new Arrow material in this, but you might find a shot or two in The CW’s “Super Season” trailer:

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