Arrow “Lost Canary” Preview Trailer Arrow “Lost Canary” Preview Trailer
Preview trailer for the Arrow episode "Lost Canary" airing April 15 on The CW Arrow “Lost Canary” Preview Trailer

Was the Black Siren’s redemption all an act?

That’s what she claims in the trailer for the next new episode of Arrow. The episode is called “Lost Canary” and it airs when the show returns Monday, April 15 on The CW. Hopefully we’ll have some official photos and a description soon; for now, enjoy the trailer!

This episode features multiple Canaries, including a returning Caity Lotz, so it should be fun.

If you’ve just watched “Inheritance” and want to talk about it with other fans, zipline over to our Arrow discussion forum!

Craig Byrne

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  • MQLdr

    March 27, 2019 #1 Author

    Laurel is pretending to turn her back on redemption. She’s going to take down the 9th Circle from the inside.


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