Arrow: Juliana Harkavy Talks “Due Process” & Dinah’s Evolution Arrow: Juliana Harkavy Talks “Due Process” & Dinah’s Evolution
Juliana Harkavy of The CW's Arrow talks about Dinah Drake's evolution including accepting Laurel Lance into the team. Arrow: Juliana Harkavy Talks “Due Process” & Dinah’s Evolution

As Team Arrow does all they can to apprehend Ricardo Diaz, some unexpected alliances are formed, and in tonight’s new episode of the show, “Due Process,” Laurel Lance (Katie Cassidy) is brought even more into the fold as it’s all hands on deck to catch that villain.

Already, we’ve seen Laurel interacting with members of the team, but the most surprising team-up may be that of her character with Dinah Drake, as played on Arrow since Season 5 by Juliana Harkavy. On a recent visit to Vancouver, we spoke with Juliana Harkavy on the CCPD set of The Flash for some insights as to what is going on, and what we will be seeing.

“She’s really gone through transformations,” Harkavy says of Dinah’s changed perspective. “Last season she hated Laurel, and her whole mission was to destroy her, basically. But I think Dinah is always open for growth, and I think that she needs camaraderie, and she needs friends, and she definitely needs women in her life. At this point, you know, after the team has been fractured,  you’ve gotta work with what you have, and you wanna make the most of what you have, and I think she’s found that there’s something good there in Laurel. And, yeah. She’s working on it, she’s growing, and becoming more accepting,” she explained. (Fans of Arrow might remember a very different interaction between the characters in Season 6, especially after Laurel killed someone who was close to Dinah.)

“She’s just trying to stay open to anything that she needs to do to get the job done,” Harkavy added. “Whether it’s on the side of the law or on the side of the vigilantes, I think she’s that really just willing to do what it takes to help out. And she’s trying to do it in her way, but I think she is just trying to lend a hand, especially with the advantages she has, being law enforcement, she’s trying to just help out the team any way she can.”

You can see video of the interview below. Official photos from “Due Process” can be found here!

Arrow “Due Process” airs Monday, November 19 at 8PM ET/PT on The CW.

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