Arrow: Extended Promo For “Blast Radius” Arrow: Extended Promo For “Blast Radius”
Extended promo trailer for the Arrow episode titled Blast Radius Arrow: Extended Promo For “Blast Radius”

S030A-115-ARW-110-274 MORE DAYS!

That’s how long it is between the time of this writing and the January 15 air date of the next new episode of Arrow, which is titled “Blast Radius.”

As we were a bit unavailable at the Television Critics Association press tour, we actually missed that a longer, one minute long extended promo trailer for the new episode was released… so if you didn’t see it before, here you go.

Clips from “Blast Radius” and even a few from later episodes are within. You can find screencaps from a shorter version of the trailer here.

Craig Byrne

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