Arrow Episode 4 Will Be Delayed In Chicago Arrow Episode 4 Will Be Delayed In Chicago
Chicago Bulls basketball will instead be shown in the Chicago area on October 31. Arrow Episode 4 Will Be Delayed In Chicago

Folks who rely on WGN for their Arrow action may have to wait until Saturday, November 3 at 7PM to catch their favorite TV show starring a green-hooded archer.

WGN has scheduled a basketball game between the Chicago Bulls and the Sacramento Kings to start at 7PM on Wednesday night, October 31. It looks like this is the only time WGN will have this conflict, and it’s possible this schedule change will only affect basketball fans in the Chicago area; still, check your local listings to be sure if WGN is your station of choice for Arrow watching.

The episode should be available on the next morning as well as on iTunes.

Additionally, if you miss “An Innocent Man” no matter where you are, The CW will be airing it again on Tuesday night, November 6 at 8PM (ET). Sounds like a good distraction from election madness if I ever heard of one!

Thanks to NaughtiasRules on Twitter for the tip. You can see images from “An Innocent Man” here.

Craig Byrne

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