Arrow Episode 100 “Invasion!” Promo Trailer & Screencaps Arrow Episode 100 “Invasion!” Promo Trailer & Screencaps
Preview trailer and promo screencaps promoting the Arrow episode "Invasion!" Arrow Episode 100 “Invasion!” Promo Trailer & Screencaps

Tonight after the “Invasion!” episode of The Flash, The CW aired a trailer for tomorrow’s entry — a new episode of Arrow which happens to be the show’s 100th!

s020b-n30-arw-110-15You can find all kinds of coverage related to Arrow 100 here at GreenArrowTV… including interviews, preview photos, and a whole lot more. Below, see the trailer for tomorrow’s episode… but before that, we have screen captures, including a shot of Laurel holding a ring in the shower, some of John Diggle as the Hood, Deathstroke and other villains, and “reality” fading away! Our thanks to Mr. Video for the screencaps which we had ready for you all right here and now. (Do note that the trailer we have caps for appears slightly different in order than the trailer itself). Enjoy:


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