Arrow “Deathstroke” Extended Promo Screen Captures! Arrow “Deathstroke” Extended Promo Screen Captures!
Screen captures from the extended promo trailer for the Arrow episode Deathstroke Arrow “Deathstroke” Extended Promo Screen Captures!

Screen-Shot-2014-03-27-at-1.06.52-PMSurely you’ve seen the promo for next week’s Arrow, titled “Deathstroke,” by now… but what if you want to analyze it in still frames?

We’re here for you in that department! While Mr. Video is out of the office at the moment, we did our best to make some screencaps of our own.

Who is Oliver fighting in the office? We’re still not completely sure. But still, these are some cool shots, especially the images that include the terminator known as Deathstroke. (Somewhere lurking in the episode is also the terminator known as Cameron, aka Summer Glau. RIP The Sarah Connor Chronicles.)

Enjoy the caps:


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