After 5 years in hell… Arrow Season 6 Renewal! After 5 years in hell… Arrow Season 6 Renewal!
The hit CW superhero series picks up a new season in a slate of renewals. After 5 years in hell… Arrow Season 6 Renewal!

It seems to be earlier and earlier each year that the CW locks down and announces its renewals for the next season. Today, the network announced that it has picked up 7 series for renewal for the 2017-18 television season, and Arrow is one of them.

That’s right. Arrow Season 6 is a go!

Now, we start to get into some very interesting territory. The series has had a built-in model since its inception with the five-year flashback structure to chronicle Oliver Queen’s journey from shipwreck to hooded vigilante. No longer bound to that structure, what will the show look and feel like moving forward? With the renewal, we get a chance to see.

We’ve got more on the pickup, as well as the six other series receiving renewal greenlights — including our DCTV faves The Flash, Supergirl, and DC’s Legends of Tomorrow — over on our parent site, KSiteTV:

The CW Renews 7 Shows, Including Flash, Supernatural, Arrow & More

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