A Big Bomb Just Dropped In The Arrow Season 6 Premiere A Big Bomb Just Dropped In The Arrow Season 6 Premiere
A major event just happened at the conclusion of the Arrow season premiere "Fallout." A Big Bomb Just Dropped In The Arrow Season 6 Premiere

Not the same kind of bombs that rocked Lian Yu, but certainly something big.

At the end of the Arrow Season 6 premiere “Fallout,” Felicity calls Oliver to tell him to turn on the television, where it seems Mayor Queen’s other identity as Green Arrow has been revealed.

Is this another hoax like in the show’s early seasons, when Oliver got out of it? Or will Mayor Queen ‘fess up to the people of Star City about his double life? And how did this information get out? A last treat from Prometheus? A vengeful Susan Williams? One of 96 people who were able to break into the Arrow lair underneath Mayor Queen’s campaign office? We’ll have to keep watching to see.

Some clips of the aftermath can be found in this trailer; we’re really curious to see how this will pan out for Oliver in the coming weeks. As we see in the “Tribute” promo trailer, Samandra Watson of the FBI is going to be interviewing Oliver about it, and it appears he’ll be in denial. No wonder the episode descriptions were so short; there was so much to hide!

Look for this story to continue in “Tribute” airing October 19.

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Craig Byrne

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