2020 GreenArrowTV Awards: Pick The Best Actor (Male) From Arrow Season 8! 2020 GreenArrowTV Awards: Pick The Best Actor (Male) From Arrow Season 8!
Fans are invited to pick the Best Actor (Male) from Arrow Season 8 in the 2020 GreenArrowTV Awards. 2020 GreenArrowTV Awards: Pick The Best Actor (Male) From Arrow Season 8!

With all that is going on in the world right now, we were unsure if we would do the annual GreenArrowTV Awards this year — after all, Arrow as a series ended three months ago and we all have bigger things to worry about. However, most on Twitter seemed to think the GATV Awards should happen again this year — and so, they’re happening again this year, honoring the best of Arrow Season 8.

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Our current category for this year is Best Actor (Male) – this means we’re focusing on the male actors of the show, with the female categories coming next. Only series regulars — those people listed under “Starring” are included — which is why you might not see such great actors as Paul Blackthorne, Colin Donnell, Echo Kellum, Josh Segarra, Colton Haynes, Charlie Barnett or John Barrowman on the list, but don’t worry, there will be opportunity once we get to Best Guest Star. Believe it or not, LaMonica Garrett was indeed included as a series regular, so he is a possible voting choice.

Housekeeping rules can be found here. Come back in a few days to pick your favorite actress, and we will be posting reminders on our @GreenArrowTV Twitter account when voting can be done again in new categories. (Voting will remain open in previous 2020 GATV Awards categories, too, if you haven’t done so!)

You can see last year’s results here.

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