2019 GreenArrowTV Awards: The Results Are In! 2019 GreenArrowTV Awards: The Results Are In!
Fans pick their favorite elements of Arrow's sixth season. 2019 GreenArrowTV Awards: The Results Are In!

It’s that time of year again to announce the winners of the annual GreenArrowTV Awards, honoring the best and not-so-best of the most recent season of Arrow. This year, we ran right to the wire, posting the results only a few days before the October 15 season premiere of Arrow’s eighth and final season… so sorry for the delay!

Oliver Queen started Season 7 in jail, separated from those who he loves, and it seems that’s where he ended Season 7 as well, leaving Felicity and baby Mia behind in order to face a coming Crisis.

This summer, as we do every year, we invited fans to pick their favorites and least favorites for the season. Voting was limited to one vote per IP, so the results are legit.

So what did people like? What did people dislike? Let’s get started!

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