2018 GreenArrowTV Awards: Pick Your Least Favorite Character From Arrow Season 6! 2018 GreenArrowTV Awards: Pick Your Least Favorite Character From Arrow Season 6!
Fans are invited to pick their Least Favorite Character of Arrow Season 6. 2018 GreenArrowTV Awards: Pick Your Least Favorite Character From Arrow Season 6!

It’s time for another category in the annual GreenArrowTV Awards – honoring the best and not-so-best of the most recent Arrow season.

As always, fans of any show have opinions. This is the chance for those fans to recognize the things they did (or didn’t) like this past year. Details on some other things like IP limits, etc. are discussed in this post.

The current category now is Least Favorite Character for Season 6. This is the one that grates on your nerves the most when they showed up on the screen. Only characters who appeared in Arrow’s sixth season are listed; however, if there’s one that you think deserves to be included, write them in, and with enough write-ins we will add them to the poll.

You can vote below. Voting in past categories can still be done and will be a thing you can do through the end of the voting period.

Can come back in a few days for another category!

Craig Byrne

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  • Liz

    August 13, 2018 #1 Author

    Dude this was so hard this year! I HATED Rene, Dinah and Curtis for most of S6. Dragon was awful and Vigilante was the lamest character reveal yet. Even Diggle annoyed me this season.


  • M

    August 13, 2018 #2 Author

    To bad there’s not an all of the above catergory. Every character was terrible this season.


  • Kate

    August 13, 2018 #3 Author

    Only one? There were so many characters I hated this season: Rene for acting like he’s better than everyone especially Oliver while needing to be pushed by Oliver and Quentin to get his daughter back; Curtis for being whiny and having no loyalty to the Team who helped him or Felicity who saved his job; Dinah for being a hypocrite Black Siren for just generally being a mass murderer of innocent people and not killing Diaz when she had multiple chances.
    But if I have to pick just one person, Ricardo Diaz for being the lamest Big Bad the show has ever had and forcing the writers to make Oliver and the Team pull too many punches to make him work. The Quadrant was supposed to be the scariest organization ever and after Diaz has killed three of its members, they still don’t bring bodyguards when they’re meeting with him? Give me a break.


  • Alex

    August 14, 2018 #4 Author

    Too many to pick from! My least favorite characters are Oliver, Felicity, John, Rene, Dinah, Curtis, Samandra, Cayden, Donna, and Diaz.


  • Melissa

    August 14, 2018 #5 Author

    It would be easier to list who I didn’t hate this season. I guess Thea leaving saved her and I won’t worry about the minor guest stars. But the NTA, Diaz, BS, even Diggle greatly tested my patience. Oliver did so well all year long only to end the last few episodes banging his head against the idiot stick. Rene won my vote because he’s the most to blame for starting off the NTA mess.

    I do expect though that this year’s winner will be Felicity. The votes is just to split and I can imagine all the people not even watching coming back to remind us that GASP, Felicity is still ruining their lives. If she wins it’s basically in honor of her continued importance.


  • NikL

    August 14, 2018 #6 Author

    Any of the newbies, but Rene won out. Totally despise him.


  • Ariane

    August 14, 2018 #7 Author

    First time in years that I didnt vote Laurel for that category. Congrats Rene for being the biggest hypocrite, I wish we could vote the whole NTA



    August 15, 2018 #8 Author

    This was a tough call.. Dinah/Tina for being a hypocrite or Felicity for selfishly interrupting Barry and Iris wedding vows so she can marry Oliver. I choose Dinah


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