This Year’s Arrowverse Crossover Details Confirmed This Year’s Arrowverse Crossover Details Confirmed
The CW has announced that this year's Arrowverse crossover will be "Crisis on Earth X." This Year’s Arrowverse Crossover Details Confirmed

The concept for this year’s Arrowverse crossover are here — it’s going to be a “Crisis on Earth X.”

The Arrow portion of the crossover airs in a special Monday time slot on November 27 following Part 1 on Supergirl, and to prepare for the crossover, DC Comics artist Phil Jimenez has created some fantastic artwork.

Before anyone asks: It’s likely that Spartan, Speedy and Overwatch are not on the cover because The CW does not want to confirm whether or not they are alive until after the October 12 season premiere of the show. Though interestingly, Wild Dog and Mr. Terrific are on the cover, which we are taking to confirm their return, though it looks as though Wild Dog has a new mask.

You can see the cover art below; full details about the crossover can be found at our general TV news site, KSiteTV.

Craig Byrne

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