The Arrow Midseason Finale: “People Are Gonna Be Mad” The Arrow Midseason Finale: “People Are Gonna Be Mad”
Does Arrow have a whopper of a midseason finale planned for viewers? The Arrow Midseason Finale: “People Are Gonna Be Mad”

The newest issue of TV Guide Magazine featuring “Power Players” has a special feature about Greg Berlanti that you can also find on the TVInsider website. Within, there’s a tidbit about Berlanti meeting with fellow Arrow Executive Producers Marc Guggenheim & Wendy Mericle, with a scary possibility mentioned for the midseason finale.

Here’s what the article said:

But first, there’s the upcoming midseason finale, which Berlanti suspects “people are gonna be mad” about for how it leaves things. “You’ll definitely get a cliffhanger about who it could end up being in that grave from the [flash-forward scene in the] season premiere.”

Now, we will recall last year’s season finale, where it appeared the lead character of Arrow was killed off, certainly left people “mad.” There’s definitely precedent. So what’s the deal here?

Our prediction: Something bad happens to a beloved character, but they are not the one who will be in the grave. Arrow will trick us. Again.

Now, we could be totally wrong on this… and you all are welcomed to leave comments below for what you think might happen.

The Arrow midseason finale airs December 9 on The CW, one week after the Arrow/Flash crossover for 2015.

Craig Byrne

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