New Zealand “Al Sah-Him” Promo Shows New Scenes & Speedy?

New clips are in the New Zealand promo for the Arrow episode Al Sah-Him

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Arrow #3.19: “Broken Arrow” Recap & Review

Though the comic relief borders on derailing it, a delightful twist and a shock ending make for a sad but thrilling hour.

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Arrow #3.18: “Public Enemy” Recap & Review

In the season’s most exciting episode yet, everything falls apart.

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Arrow #3.17: “Suicidal Tendencies” Recap & Review

A capable and mostly poignant exploration of whether a soldier or crimefighter can do their job and still have love and family in their life.

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Arrow #3.16: “The Offer” Recap & Review

A slow, methodical pace and daughters at odds with their fathers add to one of the best episodes of the season.

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Arrow #3.15: “Nanda Parbat” Recap & Review

Stuttering pacing doesn’t detract from a solid series of resolutions that spin out new questions, including a perplexing offer of a cliffhanger.

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Will She Be Called Speedy? And Other Arrow Talk With Willa Holland

Interview with Willa Holland about Arrow Season 3

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Arrow #2.23 “Unthinkable” Recap & Review (Derek’s View)
Both of GreenArrowTV’s reviewers are taking on the Arrow season finale. Check out Matt Tucker’s review here! Summary: Season 2 closes off a long arc for Oliver, and still has time to give nearly every character a big moment in a jam-packed finale that subverts expectations. If you have not seen this episode yet... Read more
Arrow #2.23: “Unthinkable” Recap & Review (Matt’s View)
Both of GreenArrowTV’s reviewers are taking on last week’s Arrow season finale! You can read Derek B. Gayle’s review here. Summary: A satisfying season finale less about cliffhangers than about wrapping up a hero’s origin and marking the next evolution of his life and the lives of those around... Read more
Another Arrow Finale Clip: Roy Gets A Mask!

Preview clip for the Arrow season finale Unthinkable

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