Arrow #3.23: “My Name is Oliver Queen” Recap & Review

A rushed and disappointing finale exemplifies its inconsistent season.

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Arrow #3.22: “This is Your Sword” Recap & Review

A taut hour of cruel gamesmanship that just keeps getting away from everyone.

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Arrow #3.21: “Al Sah-Him” Recap & Review

A tense, fast-paced hour about crumbling morality in the loss of self.

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Arrow #3.20: “The Fallen” Recap & Review
SUMMARY: Strong emotional highlights bolster an otherwise serviceable episode. If you have not seen this episode yet and do not wish to be spoiled, do not continue reading! Recap After saying goodbye to Roy, Oliver returns to the loft and finds Thea assaulted and bleeding on the floor near... Read more
Arrow #3.15: “Nanda Parbat” Recap & Review

Stuttering pacing doesn’t detract from a solid series of resolutions that spin out new questions, including a perplexing offer of a cliffhanger.

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Arrow #3.14: “The Return” Recap & Review

A well-told story with a welcome, if innocuous, return of an old favorite, nagged by some superficial retconning.

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Arrow Casts V’s Marc Singer As Matthew Shrieve

Marc Singer will be playing the leader of the Creature Commandos on Arrow.

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