Arrow: Official CW Description For “The Magician” – Nyssa Returns!

Official CW description for the fourth episode of Arrow Season 3, titled The Magician

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Arrow #2.23: “Unthinkable” Recap & Review (Matt’s View)
Both of GreenArrowTV’s reviewers are taking on last week’s Arrow season finale! You can read Derek B. Gayle’s review here. Summary: A satisfying season finale less about cliffhangers than about wrapping up a hero’s origin and marking the next evolution of his life and the lives of those around... Read more
Arrow: 25 Official Images From “Heir To The Demon”

Preview images for the Arrow episode Heir to the Demon

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Arrow: Screencaps From The “Heir To The Demon” Promo Trailer

Screen captures from the promo trailer for the Arrow episode Heir To The Demon, featuring Katrina Law as Nyssa al Ghul

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Arrow: Extended Promo Trailer For “Heir To The Demon!”

Nyssa al Ghul comes to Arrow in the episode Heir To The Demon

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Arrow Spoilers: Official Description For “Heir To The Demon!”

Spoiler description for the Arrow episode titled Heir To The Demon

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Katrina Law To Guest In “Heir To The Demon” As… [SPOILER]

Katrina Law will be appearing on Arrow as the daughter of comic book villain royalty.

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