Arrow: [SPOILER] Is Back In “A Matter of Trust”

A popular villain from Arrow’s past is in the episode “A Matter of Trust.”

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Deadshot vs. Deadshot, Squad vs. Squad

Compare Arrow‘s versions of Deadshot and the Suicide Squad with newly released pics of the upcoming film’s take on the characters.

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Arrow #3.17: “Suicidal Tendencies” Recap & Review

A capable and mostly poignant exploration of whether a soldier or crimefighter can do their job and still have love and family in their life.

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Arrow: The Suicide Squad Returns In New “Suicidal Tendencies” Photos

More promotional photos from the Arrow episode titled Suicidal Tendencies

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Arrow #2.23 “Unthinkable” Recap & Review (Derek’s View)
Both of GreenArrowTV’s reviewers are taking on the Arrow season finale. Check out Matt Tucker’s review here! Summary: Season 2 closes off a long arc for Oliver, and still has time to give nearly every character a big moment in a jam-packed finale that subverts expectations. If you have not seen this episode yet... Read more
Arrow #2.23: “Unthinkable” Recap & Review (Matt’s View)
Both of GreenArrowTV’s reviewers are taking on last week’s Arrow season finale! You can read Derek B. Gayle’s review here. Summary: A satisfying season finale less about cliffhangers than about wrapping up a hero’s origin and marking the next evolution of his life and the lives of those around... Read more
Interview: EP Andrew Kreisberg Previews Arrow’s “Unthinkable” Season Finale

Interview with Arrow Executive Producer Andrew Kreisberg about the season finale Unthinkable

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Arrow #2.22 “Streets of Fire” Recap & Review
Summary: The penultimate episode of season 2 asks both heroes and villains what they’re fighting for, and answers with a thrilling, high-stakes hour. If you have not seen this episode yet and do not wish to be spoiled, do not continue reading! Recap Oliver and Laurel survive the tunnel collapse that takes... Read more
Arrow #2.20 “Seeing Red” Recap & Review

A paper thin plot becomes a distraction from a much larger and significantly better final bow, in a strangely structured episode with a phenomenal ending.

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Arrow #2.18 “Deathstroke” Recap & Review

A non-stop thriller reveals the extent of Slade’s machinations, then exposes this season’s thesis and subsequently turns it on its head.

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