Arrow #3.6 “Guilty” Recap & Review

A heavy-handed, unsubtle episode still finds success in its themes and character development, plus a certain boxing glove arrow.

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Arrow #3.5: “The Secret Origin of Felicity Smoak” Recap & Review

A rather standard story improved by its participants.

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Arrow #3.4 “The Magician” Recap & Review

A battle of archers brings together multiple threads from past seasons and uses them to explore Oliver’s no-kill rule, in an ambiguous, complex, and action-packed hour.

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Arrow #3.3: “Corto Maltese” Recap & Review

A chesspiece episode that moves parts into place for the season’s big arcs, but takes some time to offer good character work for two who needed it.

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Arrow #3.2 “Sara” Recap & Review

The aftermath of last week’s shocker yields a thoughtful exploration of grief and death, what it means for the characters, and how it paves a new path for the future.

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Arrow #3.1 “The Calm” Review (Derek’s View)

A mixed bag of an opening is fun and shocking, resetting the stage for the new but also rehashing some of the old, with troubling implications.

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Arrow #3.1: “The Calm” Recap & Review (Matt’s View)

A decidedly uneven start to the new season with one hell of a wallop that changes everything.

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Arrow: More Photos From The Season Premiere “The Calm”

New photos from the Arrow Season 3 premiere, which is called The Calm

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Arrow #2.21: “City of Blood” Recap & Review
Summary: A lull of an episode that presents a necessary but less-than-engaging story. If you have not seen this episode yet and do not wish to be spoiled, do not continue reading! Recap Following Moira’s death, Sebastian Blood is made mayor of Starling City, resparking Laurel’s suspicions about him.... Read more
Arrow #2.19: “The Man Under the Hood” Recap & Review
Summary: One of the season’s best, a seething character-heavy episode that reveals plenty of truths and sets some final pieces in motion. If you have not seen this episode yet and do not wish to be spoiled, do not continue reading! Recap At Felicity’s suggestion, Team Arrow raids Queen... Read more