Stephen Amell Shares A New Arrow Season 7 Trailer Stephen Amell Shares A New Arrow Season 7 Trailer
Stephen Amell has released a new trailer for Arrow Season 7 complete with new spoilery clips. Stephen Amell Shares A New Arrow Season 7 Trailer

The Season 7 premiere of Arrow is only a week away as of this writing — airing Monday, October 15 on The CW. Today, Stephen Amell shared a new preview trailer which finally shows off what more of the other characters will be doing, and it also gives a better idea of how Oliver Queen will be interacting in prison.

And who is the new Green Arrow? Is it Roy? Christopher Chance? Kat McNamara? Actually Tommy Merlyn? We have no clue, but that will be part of the fun, right?

Official promotional photos for the season premiere “Inmate 4587” can be found here; but you’re here to see video, so, you can check that out below:

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    October 8, 2018 #1 Author

    Nothing really exciting really. But how are the FBI agents not firing back at Diaz? They are the FBI after all. Hopefully whoever the arrow is is someone we’re not expecting. It’s actually a surprise. But it does look like however they are finally showing more of what ARGUS is doing. Hopefully it isn’t the level portrayal of FBI bad.


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