Stephen Amell Is Signed For Arrow Season 8 Stephen Amell Is Signed For Arrow Season 8
If Arrow is back for Season 8, it will still include Stephen Amell. Stephen Amell Is Signed For Arrow Season 8

If you’re worried that Stephen Amell‘s time as Oliver Queen is done with the current season, the actor shared some good news that should bring some relief.

“If we are lucky enough to get an eighth season, or another season that is on The CW – if The CW is behind us and WB is still behind us, and you the viewers and the fans are still behind us, I want to let everyone know that I will be back for Season 8. I’m not going anywhere,” Stephen said during a Facebook Live chat last night. “I’m more than happy to report that I reached an agreement with The WB and The CW to continue on in the role of Oliver Queen, and nothing makes me happier, because I love this job.”

Amell was extremely gracious to those who have supported the show to make this happen, and seems very happy with the show’s current direction. “Regardless of whether or not we get an 8th season, and I really enjoy how things are going right now… the fact that we are even discussing something with the number 8 involved is a testament to how much people enjoy doing the show, but more importantly, how much you guys have supported us, so from the bottom of my heart, thank you,” he said.

Arrow Season 7 begins Monday, October 15 on The CW. We should find out whether or not there will be a Season 8 sometime early in 2019.

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