Stephen Amell Discusses “Olicity” Moving In Together Again Stephen Amell Discusses “Olicity” Moving In Together Again
Might Oliver and Felicity move in together again? What does that mean for Raisa? Stephen Amell talks. Stephen Amell Discusses “Olicity” Moving In Together Again

Warning: Spoilers for the conclusion of “Crisis on Earth-X” are within.

As we saw in Part 4 of The CW’s DC TV crossover “Crisis on Earth-X,” Iris and Barry’s special moment at the end of the four-show event was given an extra surprise: Oliver and Felicity got married!

Well, it was a surprise, at least, if one hadn’t seen some paparazzi photos a few weeks back.

The logical next question, then, is “when are they moving in together?”

That’s something we asked Stephen Amell during our recent visit to the Arrow sets in Vancouver. So, is it happening?

“I think that’s a pretty safe bet right there, but only if you’ve looked on the Internet recently,” Stephen said coyly, not wanting to give things away for those who might not know.

Another journalist asked if the cohabitation will put Raisa the Maid out of work. After all, now there will be two parents in the Queen household.

“No! Raisa will be around,” Stephen assured. “Really lovely to have Kathleen back. I remember reading the script for [601] and being like, ‘Alright! OK!'”

“I don’t know why she went away,” Stephen recalled, revealing what he originally thought we’d see from Raisa. “I’ve asked the question many, many, many times. Because she was conceived as like the Alfred, one of the first people that would find. Like maybe she’s picking up my t-shirt and there’s blood all over it? I don’t know. But it’s great to have Kathleen back. I’m always kind of curious if she knows. I’ve asked producers. I’m like, ‘Do she know?’ and they’re like, ‘Yeah, we’re not sure.’ It’s been lovely to have her back,” he said.

You can watch video of this exchange below. Arrow airs Thursday nights on The CW. And of course we also want to know: Are they moving into Oliver’s new place, going back to the place where Felicity currently resides… or having a new home all their own? We’ll have to wait and see!

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