Official: Colton Haynes Is Returning To Arrow Official: Colton Haynes Is Returning To Arrow
Colton Haynes is returning to Arrow for a short Season 6 arc. Official: Colton Haynes Is Returning To Arrow

It’s happening… The CW has officially announced Colton Haynes is coming back to Arrow for a short story arc!

Appropriately enough, Roy Harper’s return comes exactly five years after he made his first appearance — Roy made his Arrow debut in the 15th episode of Season 1; now, he’s returning in the 15th episode of Season 6.

“We’re thrilled to announce that Colton Haynes will be reprising his role as Roy Harper for a short arc on Arrow this year,” Executive Producers Wendy Mericle and Marc Guggenheim said in a statement. “Roy is called back to Star City to help resolve an urgent matter with high stakes for the team. His short visit turns into something surprising when he reunites with Thea and sparks a change in both of their lives that will have long-lasting consequences…”

So… this is how and why Thea departs Star City, eh?

A title for the 15th episode of Arrow Season 6 has not yet been announced, but you can find it here on GATV when we do have one.

Craig Byrne

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  • Liz

    December 13, 2017 #1 Author

    Damn, I miss Arrow when it was OTA and Roy as the main team. There was just something that worked. I’m not really a fan of the new members so Roy’s return will be bittersweet in that I’m so happy he’s back but sad that it’s only for a short while. 🙁


  • Aaron Baker

    December 14, 2017 #2 Author

    Could they be firestorms’ replacements on Legends? There are two open seats, and they do have a relationship with Sara and to a lesser extent Ray


  • Kaldius

    December 17, 2017 #3 Author

    I dont get his character how can he still be strong withotu his mirrakuru powers? They should of let him keep them and control the insanity somehow, now he’s just a normal guy who recieved some training from the Arrow and all of a sudden he’s a superhuman fighter?


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