It Appears Katie Cassidy Will Be Back For Arrow Season 8 It Appears Katie Cassidy Will Be Back For Arrow Season 8
Katie Cassidy Rodgers spoke about Arrow Season 8 at the Middle East Film and Comic Con. It Appears Katie Cassidy Will Be Back For Arrow Season 8

While one of Arrow’s leading females is leaving the series after Season 7, it appears that another will be staying with the show through Season 8.

Speaking on a panel at the Middle East Film and Comic Con, Katie Cassidy Rodgers spoke about the final season of Arrow, and considering she knows they are shooting through November, we’re taking that to mean that she is a part of it, especially since she’s not speaking of her time on the show in the past tense.

“We’re doing our [eighth and] final season of Arrow, which will take us to November,” she said. “I can’t say more yet, until I get the showrunners’ thumbs up, but there’s some pretty exciting things coming up for me.”

“I like my job, I don’t want to say anything I can’t say and I don’t want to get killed again! They’ve killed me off and brought me back twice already. It’s awesome,” she continued.

Katie also talked about this Monday’s new episode, “Lost Canary.”

“It’s a big episode, I think that you will find out a lot about Black Siren and her backstory, but they also leave it open to potentially exploring more of that, potentially in season eight, but it’s a huge episode. It’s fun,” she said. Apparently Katie also said at the convention that she would be onboard with a spin-off, though an actual quote doesn’t seem to have surfaced.

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Gulf News also caught up with Cassidy, where she also talks about the differences between playing the original Laurel/Black Canary and Earth-2 Laurel/Black Siren, among other things. You can see that video below.

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