Is Arrow Renewed For Season 7 Yet? Is Arrow Renewed For Season 7 Yet?
The CW's Mark Pedowitz discusses whether or not Arrow has been renewed for Season 7. Is Arrow Renewed For Season 7 Yet?

A few weeks ago, certain outlets that were desperate for clicks made headlines out of the notion that Arrow has not yet been renewed for Season 7 — Entertainment Weekly, however, directly asked CW President Mark Pedowitz what’s going on, and got an actual answer about the show’s future, and the futures of the other Arrowverse shows.

“At the moment, it’s a little too soon,” Pedowitz told thm. “We’re noted for announcing at winter TCA that we’re picking up shows, we just weren’t ready to do that yet. A couple more weeks [and] we’ll probably get around to it. I’m pretty confident we’ll see them all back.”

Regarding Arrow, which is currently in Season 6 — also the time when actors often renegotiate contracts — Pedowitz said this: “I cannot discuss casting negotiations, but I do believe some members of the cast are already signed for longer.”

For now, though, nothing is renewed at this time. “We haven’t renewed anything yet,” Pedowitz said. “We’re not quite ready to do that. We’re a couple of weeks out. I’m pretty confident a lot of the [CW] slate is coming back. We’re just not ready to make that a formal announcement yet. It is only Jan. 7. It’s just a question of the board and I getting together and having a discussion about it. We just weren’t ready with the holidays and this came just days later. We’ll get there. I’m confident most of our schedule is coming back.”

You can find the EW article/interview here.

Craig Byrne

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