IGN Reveals More Arrow Season 7 Premiere Photos IGN Reveals More Arrow Season 7 Premiere Photos
IGN has released some new Arrow Season 7 premiere photos with new quotes from Stephen Amell. IGN Reveals More Arrow Season 7 Premiere Photos

IGN recently posted a new interview with Arrow’s Stephen Amell that also includes some Season 7 premiere photos that show Oliver Queen in the big house.

“He’s in prison with a bunch of people that he basically put there. And I would say that Brick is kind of the ringleader of the group. But the things that Oliver discovers about some of the prisoners, I think are a little bit unexpected for the first part of the season,” Amell told the site. “And there’s a couple of interesting employees in the prison, and there’s also an inmate that I don’t think Oliver ever thought he would see again.”

The photos also show a new character named Stanley as played by Brendan Fletcher.

“Stanley and Oliver have a relationship where, when he first gets in there, he seeks out Oliver for help and for protection,” Amell said. “And there’s a very, very interesting scene, where Brick and his whole crew use Stanley as leverage against Oliver. And especially in the first episode, it really illustrates how far Oliver’s fallen, and how he’s had to cope with being in prison.”

You can read IGN’s full interview here, and see the photos below. More photos from the Arrow season premiere can be found here… and you can find GATV’s own interview with Stephen here soon!

UPDATE: Some of these photos are actually from the second episode of Arrow Season 7, “The Longbow Hunters.” The Arrow season premiere “Inmate 4587” airs October 15; Episode #6.2 can be seen on The CW October 22.


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