How Did Felicity Smoak Leave Arrow? How Did Felicity Smoak Leave Arrow?
The Arrow season finale revealed the fate of Felicity Smoak. How Did Felicity Smoak Leave Arrow?

Warning: SPOILERS for the Arrow season finale “You Have Saved This City” can be found below.

, but the big question Arrow fans have been wondering is: How did Felicity Smoak leave Arrow?

Yes, Emily Bett Rickards is no longer a series regular after Season 7. Hopefully she’ll visit in Season 8 — Arrow Season 8 will comprise of 10 episodes to wrap up the series — but sadly, we won’t be seeing Felicity Smoak on our screens every week.

So where is she?

Well, it turns out she wasn’t the one to leave first — The Monitor (LaMonica Garrett from Crisis on Infinite Earths) came to take Oliver away from her and baby Mia. We see Oliver “dies” in 2019.

But, in the future, Felicity has said goodbye to Mia and William, where she meets… The Monitor?!?! And is seemingly about to reunite with Oliver. Perhaps in the afterlife? A post-life plane? If anyone wants to try to explain, feel free… we definitely need to rewatch and unpack this. Either way, we are very curious how Season 8 will fit with the timeline, since it looks like Oliver has already started to leave for the Crisis.

Also… do note that the song at the end of the episode was called “The Other Side” by Ruelle. Interestingly enough, her song “This Is The Hunt” is the theme song for Shadowhunters which starred Katherine McNamara (Mia!)

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