Felicity’s New Code Name Revealed! Felicity’s New Code Name Revealed!
Tonight's episode of Arrow revealed Felicity's new code name to the world. Felicity’s New Code Name Revealed!

If you have not yet watched the January 27 episode of Arrow, don’t read this article!

Tonight’s episode of Arrow finally answered a question a lot of us have had: “What will Felicity’s code name be?”

The show has answered, and it’s a name that is very special to Marc Guggenheim, for sure: Felicity’s new code name, as revealed in “A.W.O.L.,” is “Overwatch.”

You might know that “Overwatch” is also the title of a novel by Mr. Guggenheim himself. Check it out; you might like it!

And why not that other name a lot of people thought might be earmarked for Felicity?

Oliver Queen said it best: “I was gonna go with Oracle, but it’s taken.”

We can thank Barbara Gordon for that one.

Also… some self-back-patting: GATV’s Matt Tucker suggested Overwatch way back on November 4. Booyah!

Craig Byrne

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