End Of An Arrow: Emily Bett Rickards Shares Memories On Her Last Day End Of An Arrow: Emily Bett Rickards Shares Memories On Her Last Day
Emily Bett Rickards shared some memories on her last day on Arrow, and Stephen Amell's daughter Mavi shared a song. End Of An Arrow: Emily Bett Rickards Shares Memories On Her Last Day

To commemorate her last day of Arrow — an “End of an Arrow,” as she called it — Emily Bett Rickards (Felicity) shared some special memories yesterday on her Instagram story.

Emily is departing the series at the end of Season 7, though we are hopeful she will be coming back for guest shots in that last year.

Emily shared memories of her costars, past and present, with photos to mark the time. The craft services, the sleeping, the director, the nemesis… it’s all there. Or, at least it is until Instagram doesn’t have it posted anymore. Next up for Emily? Reborning at the Soho Playhouse this summer.

Also today on Emily’s last day, Stephen Amell posted about their emotional last scenes on Twitter, and his daughter Mavi sung Emily a song. You’ll note that the video shows the cabin from “Star City 2040,” making us think that this is where Felicity and baby Mia will end up at season’s end.

“There are days when actors shed a noble tear in a scene and there are days when they ugly cry to the point of fogging up their scene partner’s glasses,” Stephen wrote. “Today was the latter.”

You can see the video of Mavi Amell below.

UPDATE: Emily Bett Rickards has wrapped! Check out the kind words from Director James Bamford, a presence since the very start of the show, below.

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  • Pamela Asbury-Smith

    April 10, 2019 #1 Author

    Emily has left quite a legacy with her portrayal of Felicity. She showed that a woman can be strong, loving, and humorous yet retain her power. Felicity is beautiful… and she wears glasses!


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