Details On More Roles In The Arrow Pilot – Spoilers! Details On More Roles In The Arrow Pilot – Spoilers!
Spoilers about four more characters in the CW Green Arrow pilot Details On More Roles In The Arrow Pilot – Spoilers!

Over the weekend, user “Rhoswen7” on IMDB posted some more Arrow pilot casting notices, including two roles that haven’t had casting announcements made yet. Here are those two roles:

[WALTER STEELE] Male, Asian, East Indian, Latin, Middle Eastern. Early 50s. A commanding, upper crust man, Walter is Moira’s second husband; he married her after Robert was declared legally dead — and he’s understandably interested in whether or not Robert is literally dead. MAJOR RECURRING GUEST STAR.

[JOANNA] Female, African American, 28 years old, Joanna is Laurel’s friend and co-worker at the City Necessary Resources Initiative. More cynical and maybe less idealistic, Joanna alerts Laurel to the fact of Oliver Queen’s resurrection. RECURRING GUEST STAR.

Additionally, this person posted the full character breakdowns for Quentin Lance and Robert Queen, who were announced last week as being played by Paul Blackthorne and Jamey Sheridan, respectively. Some more details about why they act the way they do are revealed. Spoilers!

[DETECTIVE QUENTIN LANCE] In his 50s, Caucasian, he is Laurel’s father; he’s a gruff, determined city detective, who’s pulled strings and gotten himself assigned to the investigation into Oliver Queen’s kidnapping. The father of Sara Queen, who died of drowning while on a romantic weekend aboard the Queen yacht, Detective Lance bitterly hates Oliver and blames him for Sara’s death. He’s about to be placed in charge of a task force to capture the eccentric green-hooded vigilante. SERIES REGULAR.

[ROBERT QUEEN] Male, Caucasian, 50 years old, Oliver’s billionaire tycoon father, Robert is a powerful, fearsome, titan of a man, used to controlling everything in his life, particularly his family. A domineering patriarch, seen in flashback to five years ago, Robert learns that he cannot manipulate the weather to suit his wishes, and he’s shipwrecked somewhere in the Indian Ocean, along with his son and his Chief Of Security. 1 speech & 24 lines, 5 scenes. POSSIBLE RECURRING GUEST STAR. STAR NAMES ONLY.

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