DC All Access EXCLUSIVE Clip with Echo Kellum DC All Access EXCLUSIVE Clip with Echo Kellum
Echo Kellum (Arrow's Curtis Holt) visited DC All Access today, and we've got our own exclusive clip in addition to the full video! DC All Access EXCLUSIVE Clip with Echo Kellum

Echo Kellum (Curtis Holt) visits DC All Access at DCComics.com today, and DC has provided us with an EXCLUSIVE preview in addition to the full episode that you can also find below.

In the exclusive clip, Echo talks about Curtis Holt’s partner and whether or not his husband could end up in danger like Michael Holt’s wife was in the comics.

“Curtis’ husband will be in the season, and you’ll get to see their dynamic, and whatnot,” Echo promised. As for the husband’s fate? “I don’t know,” he said.

“Obviously, we have taken a lot from the comic books, and leaned pretty heavily on them when crafting Curtis, and I definitely knew that character when I brought my approach to them. But, you know, there are definitely going to be things differently too, but I know that that is a really strong theme that the comic book had, that tragedy really influenced him to become this better person, and really dive into science and trying to help humanity have a better path forward.”

Here’s the clip:

And, for your viewing enjoyment, here’s the full episode:

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