Comic-Con 2017: What’s in Store for the Arrowverse Crossover This Year? Comic-Con 2017: What’s in Store for the Arrowverse Crossover This Year?
EP Wendy Mericle teases the next "epic" crossover for the four Arrowverse series this season. Comic-Con 2017: What’s in Store for the Arrowverse Crossover This Year?

Up top, we’ll just warn you that this is but a tidbit of news.

Since 2014 when Arrow crossed over with its first spinoff, The Flash, fans have come to expect a sweeping event to bring the series together each year. Last year brought an alien race known as the Dominators to the planet in an invasion attempt that caused the three series for “our” Earth to recruit Supergirl from an alternate Earth to thwart.

The event was considered an overall success and managed to trump big screen cousins in the DC Extended Universe and the Marvel Cinematic Universe for tying in such extensive casts and the sheer number of heroes.

So, what’s in store for this year’s crossover event?

Entertainment Weekly talked with executive producer Wendy Mericle while sitting down with the cast at this year’s San Diego Comic-Con and got the tiniest of teases.

“It’s going to be very much rooted in the DCU. It’s going to be an epic story that I think fans will be really excited about, particularly comic book fans,” she said.

Not much to go on other than it’s an adaptation of some storyline from the comics. Any guesses as to what it will be?

Unlike last year, this season’s crossover is expected to involve full episodes from all four series. (Last season’s had an epilogue attached to an otherwise unrelated episode of Supergirl to start things off.)

The CW’s other superhero series, Black Lightning, is likely not to be included in the crossover for a number of reasons. First, the show doesn’t premiere until mid-season, and it seems unlikely they would introduce the character during the crossover. Second, the series’ producers have been adamant that the show is not a part of the Arrowverse. That said, neither was Supergirl during its first season until they introduced the idea of The Flash‘s Barry Allen breaking through dimensions with the Speed Force and ending up on Kara Danvers’ version of Earth. The concept of Black Lightning being on yet another alternate Earth and someday crossing over to the DCwU is a very real one.

That’s to say, if the show makes it to a second season, you can probably expect Cress Williams’ hero to appear in the next crossover event but not this season’s.

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