Arrow’s Katie Cassidy & David Ramsey Talk About What’s Next Arrow’s Katie Cassidy & David Ramsey Talk About What’s Next
Interview with Katie Cassidy (Laurel) and David Ramsey (Diggle) about Arrow Season 2 Arrow’s Katie Cassidy & David Ramsey Talk About What’s Next

Home InvasionAt the recent Comic-Con International in San Diego, we spoke with cast and crew members of Arrow in press room roundtable interviews. You can read some of our other interviews that we’ve posted so far here. Today, we share what David Ramsey (John Diggle) and Katie Cassidy (Laurel Lance) have to say about what is coming for Season 2. But first, let’s hear from Katie Cassidy on the tragedy that ended the first season. Spoilers for the Season 1 finale are within, so be warned!

“The last two episodes were both huge,” Katie says. “Enormous. Obviously, it was sad because Colin Donnell is an amazing guy and a fantastic actor, and I’d like to think he took one for the team, because I really feel like they needed something so dramatic [for] a huge finale. Unfortunately… you never know what’s going to happen, and it’s TV, but he’s not here, and he is missed.”

Ramsey sees the passing of Tommy Merlyn as part of the evolution of the character who will eventually become Green Arrow. “The first season was about the vigilante and The Hood, and Tommy’s death is part of that process of him becoming the hero. We all have to mourn his death, but more importantly, await the hero,” Ramsey says.

SalvationWhat’s next? “I still think, for Laurel, she has done some mourning and grieving, but it’s something that is always going to stay with her, Tommy’s death, just as much as her sister [and her death]. There’s a lot that’s happened to her, but I feel like she’s pretty good at dealing with it and moving forward and trying to always put her best foot forward, no matter what happens with her. I think you definitely see her take another step in her journey and her evolution. She becomes a little bit more involved in the criminal aspect of things,” Katie Cassidy teases. Might she be taking on a new role? “I don’t know exactly how to answer that question without giving anything away,” she says. “She definitely continues the way she feels about justice, and making sure it is served.”

Team Arrow will also see itself changing when Season 2 begins. “There is a time jump, and you find Diggle and Felicity, obviously, dealing with the Glades being disrupted, but also, Oliver has gone through some things, and Team Arrow has been affected by that. So we have to kind of reel him in a little bit,” Ramsey says.

You want some video? We’ve got video! Don’t forget: Arrow Season 2 begins October 9 on The CW!

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