Arrow “Training Day” Overnight Ratings Report Arrow “Training Day” Overnight Ratings Report
Overnight ratings report for the Arrow episode "Training Day" Arrow “Training Day” Overnight Ratings Report

So, how did the March 11 episode of Arrow do in the initial overnight ratings?

Right now it’s looking like “Training Day” had 1.08 million viewers and a 0.3/1 in the Ages 18-49 demographic. These numbers can and will go up once things like DVR and other things like that are factored in. Ratings are a little up from the previous week.

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Craig Byrne

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  • MQLdr

    March 13, 2019 #1 Author

    The ratings came back up because the fandom boycotted the previous episode to make a point. The olicity baby is the last straw for most of us. The non-shippers are as sick of the olicity drama as the shippers. Since the promo for the next episode shows Felicity in labor and the baby being born, expect another ratings drop in response. Olicity has ruined the show.


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