Arrow: “The Fallen” Preview Trailer Screencaps Arrow: “The Fallen” Preview Trailer Screencaps
Screen captures from the promo trailer for the Arrow episode titled The Fallen Arrow: “The Fallen” Preview Trailer Screencaps

S020A-422-ARW-110-05Can Thea’s life be saved?

That’s the hope in the preview trailer for next week’s Arrow, called “The Fallen.” (You can see the actual promo here).

Thanks to Mr. Video, we have screen captures from the trailer, and ideally, some of these screen grabs give us a better look at certain spoilery moments, including possibly that “Olicity” scene that was teased a few weeks ago. (If you haven’t watched “Broken Arrow” yet, DO NOT LOOK!)

“The Fallen” airs April 22. Enjoy the caps:


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