Arrow Season 4: Who’s In The Grave? Arrow Season 4: Who’s In The Grave?
GreenArrowTV lists the suspects for who might die in Arrow Season 4. Arrow Season 4: Who’s In The Grave?

Warning: SPOILERS for the Arrow Season 4 premiere, “Green Arrow,” are being discussed within. TURN AWAY IF YOU DON’T WANT TO BE SPOILED.

OllieBarryArrow’s fourth season premiere ended with a flash-forward shocker: In six months, someone close to Oliver Queen will die… and this person is apparently special to Barry Allen (The Flash’s Grant Gustin), as Barry sped to the gravesite as well.

(Weird trivia: Marc Guggenheim worked on the TV show Flashforward.)

It sounds as though whatever death this is will be a permanent one — no Lazarus Pit takeaways. (Maybe time travel, though?) In any event, let’s run down our list of ten suspects as to who might suffer a tragic fate in Arrow Season 4.

AR323B_0282b1. Felicity Smoak

Why it could happen: As shown in the season premiere “Green Arrow,” that aside from a blood relative like his sister, Felicity Smoak is the person in the world who means the most to Oliver. Losing her would drive him to such emotion. We’ve also seen that Felicity is very special to Barry from their crossover appearances, including the two episodes that led into The Flash.

Why it might not: Especially as far as original creations go, Felicity Smoak gets the most fan chatter online. While killing Felicity would be an extremely ballsy move that would show the audience that even the most beloved characters are not safe, the creators’ love for writing the character as well as the fan reaction — Felicity’s fans even include WB President Peter Roth — might dictate that they probably won’t go there.

Arrow -- "Green Arrow" -- Image AR401B_0057b -- Pictured: Katie Cassidy as Black Canary -- Photo: Dean Buscher /The CW -- © 2015 The CW Network, LLC. All Rights Reserved.2. Laurel Lance

Why it could happen: Now, Barry hasn’t really interacted with Laurel much (if at all) yet. But remember, this happens in six months, and it could be possible that Barry meets Laurel in the crossover that will be airing in November, and they could form a friendship.

Why it might not: Would they really kill another Canary? And would they set Laurel up as the Black Canary just to kill her off the next year? Also, all of this is assuming that Barry gets to know Laurel beforehand.

Diggle Costume3. John Diggle

Why it could happen: Diggle and Barry haven’t interacted a whole lot, though they also could more, and Barry could definitely see and know what John Diggle has meant to Oliver. Diggle’s death would have a profound impact on Oliver as he was his first brother in arms upon returning to Starling City. It’d also show Oliver about the dangers of his mission.

Why it might not: Losing Diggle would mean less diversity on The CW (not cool) and there seems to be a whole lot more story to tell with him. I think he’s safe.

AR317A_0153b4. Lyla Michaels

Why it could happen: It’d be a huge copout. We’re assuming it’s one of the show’s series regulars, and while killing Lyla would be meaningful to the character journeys of many people, it also would be an easy out. This is a tactic TV producers have used for decades. I still have a high school memory of a heavily-hyped death in Beverly Hills, 90210…. spoiler: They killed the kid who wasn’t even a series regular anymore. Not undermining the importance of Lyla; it just seems too easy.

Why it might not: Arrow’s writers are better than that. I hope.

5. Baby Sara

Why it could happen: A kid’s death would make anyone cry.

Why it might not: What is this, an Aquaman comic book from the 1970’s? The death of Baby Sara would ruin so many relationships.

FLA202A_0323b6. Jay Garrick

Why it could happen: Again, this depends on who interacts with anyone else in the crossover. The Flash isn’t always going to have two speedsters running around, and maybe Jay’s death could’ve been accidentally caused by something Oliver did.

Why it might not: We’re assuming Jay’s story will probably end with sending him back home.

7. Oliver’s Baby Mama (Or His Kid)

Why it could happen: There have been some rumblings that Oliver may be reunited with the mother of the child that he doesn’t even know that he has. What if he was to reunite with him (or them) and one of them died? Since they live in Central City, Barry Allen might know them, OR it’s also possible that he’s just coming by to show his support for Oliver’s grief in losing his almost-family members. Also, see Choice #5 “Baby Sara.”

Why it might not: Would that be a big enough death for audiences? For Oliver, sure; but for the average viewer?

AR316A_0446b8. Quentin Lance

Why it could happen: Barry doesn’t know Quentin that well, but he’s probably heard all about him from Joe. If Quentin died under the Green Arrow’s watch, Oliver would surely feel guilty. And again, we don’t know what happens in the crossover.

Why it might not: What if Barry doesn’t really get to meet Quentin? And wouldn’t Quentin’s death be a little predictable? If anything, we’re shocked (and happy) that he’s still alive!

AR313B_0449b9. Sara Lance

Why it could happen: She’s basically the “Kenny” of Arrow. How many times has she died, now?

Why it might not: It’s not. She’s a Legend of Tomorrow. Unless, of course, Barry and Oliver are mourning the whole team, seemingly lost in time and space.

CQplXwuWgAAtYS-10. Thea Queen

Why it could happen: Same as Laurel: She’s probably going to be a part of the crossover, and as his sister, Thea is quite important to Oliver.

Why it might not: It seems like Oliver trying to get Thea on the right path is a big priority this year, and to not succeed at that would be a big fail and setback for his character growth.

HM_HG_v01_r02a11. Hawkman

Why it could happen: He first appears in the crossover, and both Oliver and Barry will surely get to know him. Also, he can reincarnate later, which could be a story for Legends of Tomorrow.

Why it might not: Would Oliver Queen cry over a man he doesn’t know?

Who do YOU think is being mourned? Come share your speculation on our Arrow forum!

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