Arrow Ratings: “The Huntress Returns” (UPDATED) Arrow Ratings: “The Huntress Returns” (UPDATED)
Ratings report for the Arrow episode The Huntress Returns Arrow Ratings: “The Huntress Returns” (UPDATED)

S030X-320-ARW1-10-20The hiatus of a few weeks seems to have hurt Arrow in the overnight-ratings race.

“The Huntress Returns” ended up with 2.89 million viewers in initial overnight ratings — that’s down from 3.26 million for “Dead To Rights.” It’s not a reason to be alarmed — after all, there had been a break, and the totals will go up once DVR and online viewing are factored in. Also, many shows tend to fall down a little bit in the Spring ratings-wise; not just Arrow.

In the Ages 18-49 demographic, Arrow had a 0.9/2 rating; down from 1.0/3 from last time.

If you’re one of the people who missed last night’s show, you still have a chance to get it and purchase it, which always makes the show look good. Look for it on Amazon Instant Video and iTunes. And if you did see it, come talk about it on our forum!

UPDATE: Good news! The final numbers for Wednesday are in and they went UP! Arrow ended up with a 1.0/3 rating just like last week, and a little over 3 million viewers! Let’s keep this up, or we will have failed this city!

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