Arrow: Mia’s Identity Revealed Arrow: Mia’s Identity Revealed
Arrow has revealed that Katherine McNamara's Mia character is related to some popular characters from the show. Arrow: Mia’s Identity Revealed

Those who were hoping we’d get an “Olicity baby” in Season 7 are in luck… we did… sort of!

Tonight’s episode “Star City Slayer” confirmed that Katherine McNamara‘s character Mia a.k.a. Blackstar is a Smoak… and her father is a Queen. Yes, this character from the future is the daughter of Oliver and Felicity!

We haven’t seen the episode here at GATV Central ourselves — chalk that up to being on the West Coast, and also being in the middle of the Television Critics Association press tour — but we’re very curious to see more of how this turns out. Once we see the episode, hopefully there will be an explanation to why William didn’t recognize her earlier this season. Interestingly, she calls herself Mia Smoak.

This is what Kat McNamara said to TV Line in a new interview you can read here:

“Both [William and Mia] feel extremely abandoned in their own ways, and as much as the two of them are at odds, their relationship is really, really wonderful and so rich, because there are all these different facets to it. First of all, you have this sibling rivalry — ‘you were the biological kid’/’but you were the one who got to experience more of a normal childhood.’ Both of them are jealous of each other, and yet they bond with each other because no one can else can understand the experience of being Oliver and Felicity’s child. They bond over the struggle that that entails, the feeling of abandonment, and the feeling of being second to the greater good of the city,” she said.

“It’s not easy growing up with superhero parents and feeling as though you are Priority No. 2. Yes, they understand it’s important, but also you’re a kid and you want your parents to care about you and what you need and what you want, and not put you aside to defend strangers.”


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