Arrow Episode 100 Green Carpet Interview: Madison McLaughlin (Artemis!) Arrow Episode 100 Green Carpet Interview: Madison McLaughlin (Artemis!)
Interview with actress Madison McLaughlin on the Arrow Episode 100 Green Carpet Arrow Episode 100 Green Carpet Interview: Madison McLaughlin (Artemis!)

Madison McLaughlin made her first appearance on Arrow in Season 4’s “Canary Cry” soon after the death of Laurel Lance on the series. For Season 5, she’s a part of the new team of recruits and as we learned from “Vigilante,” there’s more to her than meets the eye.

We spoke with Madison last month at the Arrow Episode 100 “Green Carpet,” and since this was done before the most recent episodes had aired, they’re being talked about as if they were in the future. Arrow Episode 100 airs on Wednesday, November 30 as part of a four-show crossover – and yes, the new recruits play a part!

You can see video of the interview below; if reading the written word is more your thing, here you go. More Arrow Episode 100 interviews can be found here.

GREENARROWTV’s CRAIG BYRNE: At what point did you find out that you were going to become a more permanent member of the Arrow family?

MADISON McLAUGHLIN: I think a month before we started shooting, which is really exciting. It was really fun for me. I had kind of an idea before, but it wasn’t until I read the first script and until I started training and fittings and everything that I really understood what it was going to be.

artemisWere you a fan of the Artemis character from Young Justice?

Yes. I mean, what young girl hasn’t? Artemis is a great character. She’s somebody to look up to. She’s someone who’s strong, and she embraces being a woman, and she goes out there and kicks ass, which is great.

Are there any specific Evelyn-centered episodes coming up on the show?

There are some fun things going on. Episodes 6 and 7 are really fun for Evelyn. It’s just — really, every episode is really special, because the whole team grows every single episode. So they have all these fun arcs and stuff throughout the season, and I’m excited for everyone to see it.

ar506b_0083bHow would Evelyn respond if she were to meet the Black Canary or the Black Siren?

Probably how I did when I met Katie Cassidy. Probably a bit star-struck… it’s big shoes to fill, and meeting Katie, I mean, she was just the sweetest and was really welcoming to me, and I feel like it would be a very similar encounter with Evelyn and the Black Canary.

Are we ever going to get an explanation to how Evelyn could get the Canary Cry to work?

Evelyn’s a little bad-ass. She can do anything. She can do anything! You know, I think it’s fun. We definitely explore Evelyn’s backstory a little bit more this season, so you’re just going to have to wait to see.

You have this new group of characters in the show now. Can you talk about how you all fit in to this big crossover that’s coming up?

I lot of fun stuff goes down. A lot of crazy stuff. We have some pretty famous DC Big Bads coming in, and a lot of old faces. I don’t want to give anything away; it’s too good! I don’t want to spoil anything.

At this point in the interview Emily Bett Rickards and Colton Haynes make a surprise appearance. They both look fantastic!

ar506b_0067bHow do the new characters fit into the crossover?

They definitely come into their own a little bit, and help save the day a little bit. That’s something you’re just going to have to wait and see.

Did you have a particular favorite episode or moment of the series from the time before you came on the series?

Oh, man. That’s too hard. There’s too many good ones. I will say that I really liked it anytime Nyssa was involved. I really love Katrina Law, so I liked to see her storylines. But no, I don’t remember having a favorite or a least favorite, because they were all woven together really nicely.

I know Katrina Law has a new series (Training Day) coming up, but do you hope to get to work with her at some point?

Oh, I would love to. We got to have a small scene together, but we didn’t actually work together in the scene, last season. But we were both at the funeral. So I got to hang out with her and talk to her, but yeah, I’d really love to work with her.

You can watch the video – complete with Colton & Emily cameo – below! Arrow Episode 100 airs Wednesday, November 30 on The CW.

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