Arrow CW Video: “Black Siren’s Back” Arrow CW Video: “Black Siren’s Back”
A new video from The CW features the Black Siren. Arrow CW Video: “Black Siren’s Back”

Arrow is back on October 12, and while there isn’t any new footage involved, The CW has now released a video titled “Black Siren’s Back” featuring Katie Cassidy and her otherworldly version of Dinah Laurel Lance.

You can take a look at the new video below. Photos from the Arrow season premiere can be found here!

Craig Byrne

Craig Byrne has been writing about TV on the internet since 1995. He is also the author of several published books, including Smallville: The Visual Guide and the show's Official Companions for Seasons 4-7.

  • Arrowfan

    October 4, 2017 #1 Author

    If you claim to love the Black Canary legacy and you are hoping for Oliver and her to be a couple again, I have lost all respect for you. No one deserves the level of disrespect that Oliver had towards Laurel Lance on this show. Not only did he cheat on her with everyone in town but with her sister. On top of that, chose Sara on season 2. No female hero deserves to be paired up with someone like that. No female role model would be OK with that level of humiliation.


    • Delaney

      October 5, 2017 #2 Author

      What does any of that have to do with Siren or this video?


    • Gregory Caldwell

      October 5, 2017 #3 Author

      That has zero to do with this situation. Laurel Lance is dead so how she was or wasn’t treated is irrelevant at this point and Earth-2 Laurel Lance didn’t have a tumultuous relationship with her deceased Earth-2 Oliver and only just recently met this Oliver.
      Both she and Oliver literally have a fresh start.


      • Lizzie

        October 8, 2017 #4 Author

        It’s creepy though. Starting a romance with the doppelganger from another earth, who no one knows. She might look like Laurel but she’s not Laurel. Then there’s the fact that she was involved in kidnapping Oliver’s son and everyone he loves. Not what I call a fresh start to be honest. Yikes!
        Also there’s the whole bit about Oliver being in love with Felicity. Kinda important too! lol


    • Craig Byrne

      October 5, 2017 #5 Author

      Remember that time Oliver lied to Felicity for an entire season, didn’t tell her his plan, and then she still went off with him into the sunset? Felicity didn’t deserve that level of disrespect either but I bet you were okay with that.


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