Arrow #7.19 Is Called “Spartan” Arrow #7.19 Is Called “Spartan”
The 19th episode of Arrow Season 7 is called "Spartan." Arrow #7.19 Is Called “Spartan”

“Spartan” is the title of the 19th episode of Arrow Season 7 and we can guess this is going to be a good episode for David Ramsey‘s John Diggle.

The title was revealed today on Twitter by Executive Producer Beth Schwartz, who also shared that the episode is written by Benjamin Raab & Deric A. Hughes and it will be directed by Avi Youabian.

This is the episode where he gives up being Spartan and gets his Green Lantern ring, right?

This episode will most likely be airing in April 2019 on The CW.

Craig Byrne

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