Arrow #7.14 Is [Probably] Called “Brothers & Sisters” Arrow #7.14 Is [Probably] Called “Brothers & Sisters”
A possible title and credits for the 14th episode of Arrow Season 7 have been revealed. Arrow #7.14 Is [Probably] Called “Brothers & Sisters”

Today, Arrow Executive Producer Beth Schwartz offered a picture of the title page for the 14th episode of Arrow Season 7… offering the clue that there’s a clue about the title somewhere in the picture.

Several people guessed “2041” based upon the Jack and Bobby poster… but one Twitter fan took the picture in Photoshop, changed some levels, and saw the title that could be seen through the paper.

It appears the episode is called “Brothers & Sisters.” Unless the top of Page 2 is a redirect.

Brothers & Sisters was, of course, an early Greg Berlanti TV series that aired on ABC.

Could we find out more about Oliver’s relationship with Emiko (Sea Shimooka)? Might we ever see Willa Holland’s Thea on Arrow again?

We’ll have to wait a little while to find out.

See the Tweet and photo for yourself below. Rebecca Bellotto & Jeane Wong wrote this episode which will be directed by Marcus Stokes.

Craig Byrne

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