An All-Flashforward Episode Is In Arrow’s Future An All-Flashforward Episode Is In Arrow’s Future
An upcoming episode of Arrow will take place almost completely in the future. An All-Flashforward Episode Is In Arrow’s Future

In Arrow’s past, we have had episodes before that were almost all-flashback. In an interview with posted today, Executive Producer Beth Schwartz revealed an all-flashforward episode is coming for the 16th episode of Season 7.

“We are going to learn a lot about her in the next couple episodes. And specifically, we’re doing an all flash-forward episode in Episode 16. So we will be answering a lot of the questions that we have been posing in the first half of the season. So people will get a lot more information about all of our characters, their backstory, a little more information of what really went on these past 20 years and why we found ourselves in this kind of Star City,” Beth answered when asked when we will learn more about “Blackstar” (Kat McNamara’s character).

Before that happens, in the tenth episode of Season 7 airing Monday, January 21, we will see that the Glades are actually booming in Star City’s future, and we’ll meet future-Rene (Rick Gonzalez). And, yes, the mystery of if Felicity really is dead or not in the future will be explored, especially in episode 16.

You can read the interview with Beth Schwartz here.

Craig Byrne

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