After Elseworlds Part 2, What’s Up With “Olicity?” After Elseworlds Part 2, What’s Up With “Olicity?”
Arrow Executive Producer Beth Schwartz offers an update on the status of Oliver and Felicity. After Elseworlds Part 2, What’s Up With “Olicity?”

With things being fairly tense going into this year’s Elseworlds crossover, and continuing with Iris laying down some truth bombs with what Felicity has been going through in Part 1 followed by initially keeping the switch from Felicity in Part 2, things weren’t going too well for the “Olicity” ship. But, in the end, the whole switch thing brought a new perspective, and last week, Executive Producer Beth Schwartz confirmed that “Olicity” — the relationship between Oliver and Felicity — is back to “good” status.

“Yes. They are made up now. They’re in a good place,” Beth said.

“Just the fact that he became a different person, literally, in the crossover, and she has become a different person, he was able to understand her journey, which made for a perfect time for him to realize that he might have been overreacting in Episode 8, and it was a nice resolution,” she added, referring to the events of Part 2 of the crossover.

Arrow returns with new episodes Monday, January 21 on The CW. Elseworlds continues Tuesday night, December 10 — see the trailer for Part 3 here!

Craig Byrne

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