Interview: Colton Haynes On Roy’s Path After “Three Ghosts”

Craig Byrne December 11, 2013 2

3273674-green-lantern-green-arrow-85-drug-issue-speedy-junkieIn tonight’s episode of Arrow, “Three Ghosts,” Roy Harper was injected with “Miracle” by Brother Blood. When we spoke with Colton Haynes about the episode earlier this week, he talked a bit about what might be coming next, and in the interest of not spoiling people, we’ve saved that for after the show’s Pacific Time airing tonight.

More specifically, we asked Colton how this injection will change Roy’s relationships, and if it might have parallels with the infamous “Speedy is a junkie” storyline from the 1970′s.

“He is going to need some guidance, or he’s going to go off the handle,” Colton confirmed about Roy’s next step.

Three GhostsThe threat of addiction is indeed there. “You know, it is genetic for Roy, so that’s going to be an interesting aspect towards things,” Colton says before posing some questions himself. “It is that ‘what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger’ thing, but at the same time, is Roy going to be stubborn and try to go about the things on his own because he has all this new found power and strength? Even more power and strength than the Arrow? Or is he going to trust the Arrow, who has been through this before with Slade? Or is Roy going to figure out that Slade had been through this? Is Slade coming back into the picture? So, now Roy has got a few great options. Is he going to join the Big Bad, or is he going to help with the greater good?”

We will have to wait until 2014 to find out, as Arrow returns January 15 on The CW.


  1. dimitri December 11, 2013 at 10:26 pm - Reply

    why did Roy get the miracle?! it should’ve have been diggle his character would be more useful instead of staying the arrow cave during the mission i’m hoping he gets it in the future, Oliver deserve a bit of super strength too

  2. Marko December 11, 2013 at 10:58 pm - Reply

    I am happy but not happy at the same time as to why Roy was injected with the Miracle serum… It is good because it forms Roy’s path to becoming speedy as he has stronger strength and reflexes and Arrow will need to control and guide Roy so Roy doesn’t get outta control with his newfound strength and all and Arrow needs to help Roy figure out his path.

    But as dimitri said Diggle would of been a fine character to have been injected by the Miracle serum as he is a useful, knowledgable, wise character. but then there would be no Arrow and Roy team so that couldn’t happen to Diggle.

    And plus this sets up Roy to becoming Speedy!!! :)

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