Arrow Episode 13 “Betrayal” Promo Screencaps Arrow Episode 13 “Betrayal” Promo Screencaps
Screen captures from the extended promo for the Arrow episode Betrayal Arrow Episode 13 “Betrayal” Promo Screencaps

betrayalcapThe trailer for next week’s episode of Arrow, titled “Betrayal,” actually made its way online a little early… you can find it here. But if still photos are more your thing, might you like to see some screen captures from “Betrayal” courtesy of Mr. Video?

Within, you can even find some shots of David Anders of Once Upon A Time, The Vampire Diaries, and Alias fame as Cyrus Vanch.

Look for “Betrayal” on February 6.

If you’ve just finished with “Vertigo,” come talk about it on our Arrow forum! We’d love to have you joining us.


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