2020 GreenArrowTV Awards: The Results Are In! 2020 GreenArrowTV Awards: The Results Are In!
Fans pick their favorite elements of Arrow's eighth season. 2020 GreenArrowTV Awards: The Results Are In!

Best Episode: “Fadeout”

Arrow welcomed back some old friends (including Emily Bett Rickards’ Felicity), said goodbye to Oliver Queen, and set up a new reality and new situations for characters like John Diggle in “Fadeout,” the final episode of Arrow. 38% of those who voted picked that one as their favorite.

The season premiere “Starling City” also scored highly with 16% and the return of other fan favorites, and finally, the spinoff/sequel pilot “Green Arrow and the Canaries” came in at #3 with 13%.

The action-packed “Slabside Redemption” came in second place in this category with 21% of the vote and the Canary-centric “Lost Canary” clocked in at #3 with 11%.

Previous winners: (Season 1) “Sacrifice” – (Season 2) “Unthinkable” – (Season 3) “The Fallen” – (Season 4) “Dark Waters” – (Season 5) “Underneath” – (Season 6) “Fundamentals” – (Season 7) “You Have Saved This City”

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