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DodgerOriginal Airdate: 02/20/2013
Written by: Beth Schwartz
Directed by: Eagle Eglisson

Starring: Stephen Amell (as Oliver Queen/Arrow), Katie Cassidy (as Laurel Lance), Colin Donnell (as Tommy Merlyn), David Ramsey (as John Diggle), Willa Holland (as Thea Queen), Susanna Thompson (as Moira Queen), Paul Blackthorne (as Quentin Lance)

Guest Stars: Kelly Hu (as China White), Manu Bennett (as Slade Wilson/Deathstroke), Janina Gavankar (as McKenna Hall), James Callis (as the Dodger), Chin Han (as Frank), Jarod Joseph (as Alan Durand), Christie Laing (as Carly Diggle), Emily Bett Rickards (as Felicity Smoak), Rekha Sharma (as Claire Abbott), Colton Haynes (as Roy Harper)

First Appearances: The Dodger, Frank, Alan Durand, Claire Abbott, Roy Harper

Trivia: This isn’t guest actor Chin Han’s first DC Comics project. He appeared in the movie The Dark Knight.
– Colton Haynes, Paul Blackthorne, and Janina Gavankar all starred in the TV series The Gates.
– There is a reference made to the Norris Cemetery. Paul Norris was the co-creator of Roy Harper, aka Speedy, for DC Comics.
– Roy Harper has been an integral part of the Green Arrow mythos from the character’s inception. Originally called Speedy, he has also gone by the aliases “Arsenal” and “Red Arrow.” He has also been a big part of the Cartoon Network’s Young Justice series.
– The intersection of O’Neil & Adams was referenced in this episode. Denny O’Neil and Neal Adams were, basically, the writers who made Green Arrow cool in the Green Lantern/Green Arrow comic book series. They also created the issue where Roy Harper becomes a junkie.
– There is a little Battlestar Galactica reunion here between James Callis and Rekha Sharma.


On the island, Oliver retrieves Yao Fei’s super herbs to give to Slade as he recovers from a gunshot wound. In the cave, Oliver meets a beaten-up man, Alan Durand, who says he was on a fishing expedition when his boat caught fire and he was then hurt by the others on the island. Oliver doesn’t trust him and leaves him behind.

While Thea and Laurel take a break from CNRI, a man snatches Thea’s purse. He escapes, but loses a wallet chain, which Thea uses to figure out his name: Roy Harper. When questioned by Lance, Roy says he has no other choice but to steal because of his mother’s Vertigo addiction. Thea feels sorry for him and doesn’t pursue charges. Later, Thea visits Roy’s house and asks for her purse back. He eventually gives it to her and warns her about believing sob stories.

Moira tells Frank she wants out of their project to fix the Glades. Frank informs Moira that “they” will meet with him. Moira asks for a clue to where Walter is, even though Malcolm is the only one who knows. Under the suggestion of Frank, Moira meets China White and asks her to kill Malcolm Merlyn.

McKenna Hall warns the city about the Dodger, a jewel thief putting hostages in bomb collars to steal for him. Diggle’s date with Carly doesn’t go smoothly. Meanwhile, McKenna leaves early from her date with Oliver to work the case. As the Dodger speaks with a fence, the police raid the place, but the Dodger runs out, even eluding the Hood. At a fundraiser, Felicity sees the Dodger with a stolen jewel, so he puts a bomb collar on her. With Felicity’s guidance, Oliver chases the Dodger and successfully disarms the collar. Lance interrupts McKenna and Oliver’s alone time at the police station to invite her into the vigilante case.


Oliver: Felicity, did you just …
Felicity: Computer override your lock. Maybe a little. … I told you, I’m only in this to help Walter, not to be an accessory to orphaning little kids.
Oliver: I’m just giving him a warning.
Felicity: Has it ever occurred to you you could do some real good in this city beyond just recovering people’s stock portfolios and their saving accounts.

Felicity: Is this really how you guys figure out how to get your target? Over burgers and shakes.

Felicity: I have an idea. Your crush object with a badge said they were working with Interpol.
Oliver: Yeah.
Felicity: Why don’t I work up a little tech. You distract her with a little flirty-flirt. Slip said tech onto her phone. It will turn into a micro transmitter. And boop. We’ll learn everything she knows.
Oliver: It’s not how I typically get my information.
Felicity: How do you typically do it?
Oliver: I find the person and then I put the fear of God into them until they talk. But we can try your way.

Oliver: We know the Dodger has a taste for a very specific type of antiquity.
Felicity: These all look like they’re from the Ominous Decade: last ten years of King Ferdinand’s reign.
Diggle: And she says we have no lives.

Felicity: First time anyone’s ever been grateful for traffic cameras.

The Dodger: Why are you doing this? I’m exactly like you. I only steal from the rich.
Oliver: I’m not Robin Hood.

Episode Guide Written By Stephanie Hall

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