Arrow EP Beth Schwartz Talks Moira Queen’s Return Arrow EP Beth Schwartz Talks Moira Queen’s Return
Arrow Executive Producer Beth Schwartz discusses the return of Susanna Thompson's Moira Queen in the Arrow season premiere. Arrow EP Beth Schwartz Talks Moira Queen’s Return

Moira Queen (Susanna Thompson) is one of several big guest stars from Arrow’s past to show up in the Season 8 season premiere “Starling City” — it’s not a hoax, not an imaginary story…. but it does create a great storytelling opportunity for the series.

Earlier this week, Arrow showrunner and Executive Producer Beth Schwartz, who was a writer on the episode that took Moira away in the first place, spoke during a press Q&A about how special it is to have her back for the final season opener which airs October 15 on The CW.

“Moira Queen is such a dynamic character and her death still haunts all of us I think, especially Oliver, and I think that what we like the most about having her in the premiere is he now has his own children,” Beth — herself a new mother — said. “So to have his mother give him advice about motherhood to him — you know, now he’s a father — was just such a perfect moment.”

“I tear up every time I see the scene between the two of them, because they’re so great together. And yeah, it was [able] to give him some closure as well, to say he’s sorry for what happened to her,” Schwartz continued.

The Arrow final season premiere “Starling City” airs Tuesday, October 15 on The CW following The Flash. Photos from the season premiere can be found here.

Craig Byrne

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